3d glasses

For some reason, when I hear the word 3D I think of computers and things that are designed on computers. Recently, in my class we started talking about 3D printers.  I didn’t really think about what a 3D printer was or what it did, but, then, we watched a short video of how these printers work and all of the amazing objects they can produce.  I was shocked to find out some products that were produced through 3D printing; you can even make houses! I didn’t even know they’ve existed for more than a decade.

The article started with a touchy subject; people who are in need.  It said that “More than half of all workers in the developing world are self employed due to a lack of wage jobs.”  “Using computer aided designs, it is now possible to fabricate and customize products cheaper, faster and from the comfort of your own home. It’s like having your own factory in your garage.” This is something that can be so important and useful. However, you have to actually have access to a computer to be able to achieve these possibilities.  Those that live in third world countries would not be able to afford these types of machines.  Only if others were able to either purchase the 3D printers or create them, would the third world countries be able to benefit from this technology.

So many things that we wouldn’t even think about can be made with a 3D printer.  One of them is eyeglasses!  EYE GLASSES. With a 3D printer you can customize the eye glasses any way you’d like.  Make the spacing appropriate for each and every person. Children can use this to their advantage because “this solves challenges commonly associated with durability, comfort and ‘coolness’”. Coolness is a huge issue when it comes to eye glasses.  The past few years have ignited the start of an eye glass era and maybe the 3D printer has played a role or can play a role in it.  Children never like the fact that they would need to wear eye glasses because it always changes their look and in their mind that change is not a good change.

Now, on to something a little more different.  Solar power. I already don’t really understand how solar power works and now this article is stating that 3D printers could work off of solar energy.  This just blows my mind.  Two fairly new technologies working together.  How much better can it get? Well, it can get better.  Earlier I stated that third world countries would have a difficult time acquiring and using 3D printers, but now with solar power operated 3D printers, they get one step closer.

It’s incredible how technology can be progressing so quickly.  There are obviously both pros and cons to every issue, however, when you think of being able to help those who are in more need than you are, you tend to lean more towards the pros when it comes to 3D printers.

Some information from this blog was taken from the following link: http://theglobalscientist.com/2015/04/20/3d-printing-technology-for-economic-revolution-in-the-developing-world/

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